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AICI certification validates your credibility within the image industry and with your clients. Certification is a great marketing tool to build your business and attract clients.

Completing each level of certification may be time-consuming, but it is rewarding as it increases your knowledge and self-confidence.


Working on a certification keeps you abreast with the best and you will always be on top of your business. Update your professional education by earning CEUs through attending AICI educational programmes and seminars. One of the best certification benefits is the numerous opportunities to grow your income. The higher your certification level, the bigger your net worth as your network will grow exponentially.


AICI Certified Image Consultant (AICI CIC)

  • At this level, AICI CIC certifies that you have achieved a certain standard in the image consulting industry and that you are abreast of current thinking and technical knowledge.

  • Many consultants apply for the AICI CIC designation once they have completed their initial image consulting training as it helps to jumpstart their business.

  • This certification increases your credibility and self-confidence as an image consultant.

  • A consultant receiving the Certified Image Consultant is ALLOWED to include the "AICI CIC” title after their name.

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AICI Certified Image Professional (AICI CIP)

  • This valued certification builds your credibility as an experienced, professional image consultant. This certification helps you to market your established image business.

  • As an AICI CIP, you have more opportunities to work with global image consultants. As an AICI CIP, you are able to have your programmes CEU accredited thus offering you more business opportunities within the community.

  • To earn the AICI CIP certification, you MUST be AICI CIC certified; your CIP application and CIP portfolio must be reviewed and approved.

  • A consultant receiving the Certified Image Professional Certification is ALLOWED to include the "AICI CIP” title after their name.

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AICI Certified Image Master (AICI CIM)

  • This reflects the highest level of a consultant within the industry. The applicant MUST achieve their AICI CIP certification.

  • Applicants need to demonstrate and provide proof of ;

  • CLOCKED HOURS : 2000 hours per year of full-time work

  • EDUCATION RECORD : An extensive continuing education record with a professional fee structure

  • ACHIEVEMENTS : A history/timeline of personal and professional achievements

  • APPLIED SYSTEMS : Original systems / developed work such as and NOT confined to books, booklets, teaching or training aids, and/or image products

  • RECOGNITION : Professionally produced high-level products; a commitment to AICI and high-level participation on AICI or other boards; recognition by peers; and a recognized brand in the industry

  • A consultant receiving the Master Certification is ALLOWED to include the "AICI CIM” title after their name.

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"I thought I was already a master in the styling business after several image, styling, and makeup training until I decided to sit for the AICI CIC certification examination.

The revisions and research that I did to sit for the certification exam by the most credible and largest image consulting certification body in the world magnified and strengthened my judgment. It helped establish my professionalism and bring my business to the next level through its credibility and recognition.

Most importantly, I became much more confident and self-assured."


— Ong Soo Hua, AICI CIC

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