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Dear AICI Malaysia Members,


"When the going gets tough, the tough get going."


The 2020/2022 term started on a tougher terrain. The new board was inaugurated two months after Covid-19 was declared a pandemic. While being a fresh team we were forced to face worldwide uncertainties. To top it all the whole world was challenged by stern lockdown order, the spirit that was once on the accelerated lane of passion and aspiration now immobilized by shackles of fear and doubt. Nevertheless, the team refused to dishonour their commitment and promised to serve the AICI Malaysia members by rising up to the occasion. Immediately, the team gathered to draw out an unprecedented strategic plan for the chapter - A blueprint for AICI Malaysia Term 2020/2022.


We are in this together, let’s lift each other up and we can all ascend together.


The new blueprint has paraphrased the chapter vows for all AICI Malaysia’s chapter members, that only in a community that celebrates and collaborates with each other can we move forward while winning against challenges. Fueling the execution of the chapter’s initiatives is the ECG, an abbreviation for EMPOWER, CONNECT and GROW.


The chapter empowers each other through the enhancement of skills and knowledge, as well as opportunities for business networking. This channels unlimited possibilities and potential for business profitability.


The chapter connects through organizing online and offline events and learning series. Extensively utilizing the opportunities for online learning series, as to ride on its advantages of worldwide reach, hence, unlimited worldwide visibility for all.


The chapter grows when members are experiencing growth in business performance, skills acquisition, and knowledge gaining. The chapter initiatives are to be facilitated by having purely just these as its main end result. 


We are what molds us.


I’ve been a member of AICI Malaysia since 2011. Decided to be part of the board in 2014. Now, standing strong after 10 years with more than half of my membership years being part of the chapter board. Why? Simply because I want to keep on growing professionally and personally. The association that has been bringing and serving what I need to grow is none other than the Association of Image Consultants International, AICI. In my own words, AICI is utterly a leader in the industry and my association with AICI indeed boosted up the credibility of my business. The AICI core competencies being the major guide in executions of all AICI initiatives provides a well-rounded enhancement for skills, knowledge, and business performance. During this pandemic, I just love the camaraderie and support system amongst the chapters worldwide as webinars and online events are becoming part of the new norm – hence, worldwide networking and friendships.


AICI Malaysia Chapter members - You Are Our Priority.


My utmost appreciation to all AICI Malaysia members for your continuous support and undying contributions to the betterment of the chapter. On behalf of the AICI Malaysia Board, term 2020/2022, I would just like to take this moment to say, "Without each and every one of you, our chapter is barren of purpose and meaning.


Let’s continue building something great together.


Thank you. 



Jaklin Juanis

President, 2020/2022

AICI Malaysia Chapter

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