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Since 2009, our membership has grown steadily year after year with the tremendous support of our fellow members.


Malaysia is a Modern Country and its uniqueness lies within the ethnic-cultural diversity from the various races with different languages, not only in the ascent but also in aesthetic and taste.


The country is made up of 13 states where each state has its own Royal Court and history — rich in heritage and culture. Its influence is evident within the clothing style from the fabrics, textures, colours used and not to mention specific social protocols, whereby the Image ABC —Appearance, Behaviour, and Communication is still practiced (including food preparations and practices). Malaysia is also known as the ‘Melting Pot of Asia’ and our award-winning advertisement "Malaysia, Truly Asia” truly resonates the above sentiment with the people's multi-cultural lifestyle and diverse ethnicity.


Our Chapter members hail from various states with diverse backgrounds and different expertise in fields such as Beauty, Textiles, Merchandiser, Legal, Telecommunications, Real Estate, Events, Luxury Branding, News Media, Strategic Business Planning, and Leadership Talent Management.

Fashionable Accessories


To be the gap in providing standards of excellence in image.


Growing business from strength to strength. Advancing in education and development professionally for the members at the highest level.

Fashion Spreads


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